The Odinic Rite of Australia

The Odinic Rite of Australia (ORA) developed from an informal group of Odinist students formed at the University of Melbourne in 1972. They, in turn, had been influenced by the earlier work of Rud Mills, Evelyn Price, Annie Lennon, Else Christensen and many others. In 1994 the ORA was established as an independent, official organisation in communion with the Odinic Rite (UK).

In doing so, the ORA adopted the constitution, rites and practices of the OR (UK) at the time.

In 1995 the ORA received recognition from the Australian government for tax purposes as a ‘religious not-for-profit’ organisation’, and was required to make minor changes to its British-derived constitution in order to comply with Australian law.

The ORA draws its rite from OR publications/documents for conducting ceremonies and gatherings. It also studies the works of other Odinist groups for its benefit and advancement, incorporating or adapting such to the needs of the Odinist community in Australia.

The ORA seeks to co-operate with all Odinists world-wide, but works independently of all other organisations to advance Odinism in Australia.

From a legal point of view it is necessary for the Odinic Rite of Australia to be independent of any foreign organisation, since a registered religion under Australian law must “be independent of any other religious body or organisation”.

In 1994, Osred established Renewal as a continuation-in-kind of the work of Else Christensen as expressed in The Odinist, after that publication’s demise due to Else’s ill-health. Renewal, though not an official publication of the ORA, has acted as a medium to build understanding and lore for Australian Odinists; and with the release of Odinism: Past, Present and Future, Osred has focused that understanding into a cohesive worldview for all Odinists, not just in Australia but from anywhere within the Nation of Odin.

From the beginning of its existence  the Odinic Rite in Australia has used exclusively the title “Odinic Rite of Australia” in all official communications and publicly distributed information, in order to clearly denote its independence.

For more information on the Odinic Rite of Australia, click download this PDF.

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